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About: Bloo Fooz

Bloo Fooz: Formed 2013

Bloo Fooz formed in a studio atmosphere to experiment in recording original music and since has developed a distinctive new approach to pop/rock/blues music. The single Son Of A Gun debuted on 4 April 2017 on the Ric Chetter Show on Radio Memphis. The album Cosmic Whirlwind released 11 February 2018. It has been on many many playlists around the globe and received noteworthy reviews.

Dez Maree/Bloo Fooz released a new single "The Desert Queen" on 8 July 2022. It is available world wide as an MP3 digital download at your favorite online music store. The world premiere aired 16 July 2022 exclusively on the New Music Saturday Show with Dr. Clyde Bones & Mike Five at


“The Desert Queen” centers on the gritty lead guitar work of Louisiana Blues Guitarist Justin Lewis. His work is prominent over psych-rock progressions and develops into an enticing dynamic lead spectrum when intertwining with the Gretsch Lap Steel slide work of Dez Maree. Heather & LeAnn Mullins put forth alluring backing harmonies. Dez Maree’s smooth lead vocal guides the listener through a vivid dreamscape. 

Particularly notable is the departure sequence in which Bloo Fooz launches into a surrealistic atmosphere. The band suddenly veers away from the rock band format and explodes into reverses and looping sequences complete with a Tennyson styled poetic chant - all of which was carefully created on twin Studer PR 99 two track reel to reels.


“The Desert Queen” (4:57) was written by Dez Maree much in the same Psych-Rock consistency as the band’s first effort - the 2018 CD “Cosmic Whirlwind”. The song was brought together from three different studios and mixed by Dez Maree. “The Desert Queen” was amongst a batch of original songs by Bloo Fooz mastered at Abbey Road Studios - London - in June of  2021 by Master Engineer Sean Magee.

In the first effort - Cosmic Whirlwind - Bloo Fooz/Dez Maree present pulsating rhythms with electronic energies and offer alternative jagged expressions and perceptions similar to the psychedelic era and seventies rock bands. The music is rendered in high regard to vintage rock music. The performance features gritty lead guitar accompanied by driving psychedelic motifs and vivid lyrics.


Thank you for your interest. 

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