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Image by Ramiro Pianarosa
The Desert QueenBLOO FOOZ
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written and composed by Dez Maree

Copyright 2021 Nod N' Wink Publishing (ASCAP)

Deep is the magic

seen through her eyes

Oh so enchanting

on a moonlight ride

She rambles on ...

Along in stride

The Desert Queen

Dawn brings a warm glowing

Red Sunshine

Over golden sands

into the mid-day dry

She lingers long

Upon the mind

The Desert Queen

And when you sleep at night

She siddles into your dream

For an endless flight

In existential stream

Oh glowing splendor

inspire our mind

reveal her!

... graceful beauty

beneath the stars enshrined

Phenomenal power

that's tough to explain

Spiritual encounters there

to attain

Oh Majesty!

May your beauty reign

The Desert Queen


... Like the warm glowing

Red Sunrise

In your Dreams


Justin Lewis - Lead Guitars

Heather & LeAnn Mullins - Backing Vocals

JMAN - Drums & Percussion

Solo Orion - RT3 Organ

Dez Maree - Lead Vocals, Bass, Gretsch Lap Steel, Electric Guitar, Synthesizer -  Recording and Mixing Engineer - Producer


Mastered by Sean Magee at ABBEY ROAD STUDIOS - 6 June 2021 London, England

*Cover Design and Artwork by Liz Smith—Photos by John Charles, Alex Miha, and Aydrian Ra (Unsplash).

Influences: David Gilmour/Pink Floyd - Iron Butterfly - Talking Heads

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